How to be free of stress and remember who we really are

Written on 08/23/2023
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The power of meditation in our busy lives with Mathieu Carlot


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Hello and welcome

Today I have a wonderful friend and meditation teacher Mathieu Carlot here to help us answer all your questions about meditation.

Mathieu Carlot is a Vedic Meditation teacher based in Byron Bay.

With a background in the creative industries, he originally came to Vedic Meditation as a way to live his fullest creative potential. The practice takes only 20 minutes and easily integrates into a busy day. It is now practiced by millions of people around the world.

As a mentee of spiritual teacher Thom Knoles for over ten years, he is now passionate about sharing this ancient practice to enhance our modern lifestyles.

When he’s not teaching or creating, you’ll find him on his surfboard or out in nature, two places of constant inspiration.

You’ll soon find him changing nappies, too as a papa 🙂

In our conversation today, we discuss how meditation can help us birth and parent.

  • The types of meditation, including contemplative, concentrative and mantra-based
  • The mechanics of the Vedic technique and how it is unique
  • The effects of stress and power of experiencing deep rest
  • What Dharma and Karma are and how to guide your kids so they can thrive
  • The meaning and the importance of honoring Jai Guru Deva
  • The similarities between transcendence in labour and in meditation
  • How meditation increases our adaptability under pressure, elevates creative problem solving, and breaks repetitive thought patterns so we can get back to flowing and being fully present

I hope you enjoy