S7 BONUS Ask Us Anything. Nadine Richardson x She Births® Educator Nichola Kinnane


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Ask Us Anything with Nadine and She Births® Educator Nichola Kinnane.

This is a recording from an Instagram live - an Ask Us Anything session between myself and She Births® Educator, Nichola who teaches in Newcastle, NSW.
Nichola is a mother and doula with a background in Kinesiology and a Bachelor of Counselling.
She loves working with couples to demystify birth, explore the physiological process as well as the transformative process.
In today’s episode we talk about:
+ Why is it important we demystify birth
+ What is the essence of the transformative process
+ Why Newcastle is my favourite Australian city
+ The best breathing techniques for birth
+ Our POV on hospital courses and online courses
+ How to help friends get educated without overstepping
+ Advice and resources for a holistic twins pregnancy and birth experience
+ Induction and why it’s important to change the word consent to decision
We also chat about recent growth of drop in centres for families. The latest evidence on breast crawl and treating mastitis. Catherine Bell’s birth mapping work.
We also spend time discussing my favourite topic, intuition. Which I am writing a lot about in my new book, and how in this age of misinformation, disinformation and conflicting research it is more and more important that we connect with our inner knowing. 
We hope you enjoy listening to this special episode.

Nadine xx