S8, Ep7 What is a Private Midwife? Should you have one? Featuring Liz Wilkes of My Midwives

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What is a Private Midwife? Should you have one? What is relational based care? How to choose a provider for your beautiful birth...

Today's podcast is with Liz Wilkes who is the Managing Director and Founder of My Midwives.
My Midwives was established in 2010 and has supported thousands of families. 
They are change agents in the maternity system offering true individualised care that we so often talk about at She Births.
My Midwives is the first midwifery practice in Australia to admit women to hospital with Medicare rebates and also the largest private midwifery practice.
They provide continuity of care through pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum. 
Their care covers all the normal visits and aspects from booking into hospital, doing blood tests and scans etc.
They will remain a mothers primary care provider but work autonomously and collaboratively with a range of hospitals and practitioners. 
They have exceptional outcomes and their data will be published very soon.
Liz Wilkes was one of the first Medicare provider midwives in Australia and conducted the first Medicare rebated birth.
Most women I know will make a phone call quickly after they pee on a stick and choose whatever care provider their latest friend or perhaps their GP tells them, without actually knowing that outcomes can vary greatly in different models of care. 
This podcast is designed to help you and any of your pregnant friends out there understand the different models of care and guide you in choosing the best place for you. 
Because finding out midway through pregnancy at a She Births course can sometimes feel really deflating and frustrating.
Today we talk about...
→ The spectrum of care
→ The importance of relational care
→ What research tells us is gold standard
→ How midwifery continuity is different to obstetric continuity
→ How Liz started My Midwives and what makes it so unique
→ How collaboration and advocacy are key to your better birth. How midwives, doulas, and hospitals interact well together to help avoid unnecessary inductions or other medical interventions.
→ Birthing on Country care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families
→ Freebirthing - what it is and isn't
→ Giving yourself permission to shop around and trusting what you feel is the best care for you
I hope you enjoy this very special episode.
Nadine xx 
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