S7, Ep2 Lesha Nelson - Healing birth trauma

S7, Ep2 Lesha Nelson - Healing birth trauma - How trauma imprints and how the nervous system heals

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Our guest today is Lesha Nelson, who is an expert in somatic therapy and healing trauma.

Lesha has spent over a decade studying trauma, meditation, stress responses in the body, embodiment, psychosomatics, the womb, and birth work.

She believes it’s possible to re-pattern your nervous system from dysregulation, childhood conditioning, and insecure attachment patterns...to a place of connection and deep trust.

Lesha guides her clients to their blueprint of health through womb healing, nervous system alchemy, and somatic trauma resolution.

She offers guidance in calling your spirit baby into life, preventing and treating birth trauma, and creating more coherence with your own soul’s conception and birth process.

I love her vision statement: My dreamiest vision is a world where we feel safe in all of our relationships, feel safe to be authentic, and feel like we belong because we are deeply resourced and open to pleasure.

In our podcast we cover what trauma is. What is big and small trauma and how they wire in the brain body and nervous system. How trauma is released and healed.

What the opportunities are for us as parents being ‘good enough’ for our children. How we can avoid birth trauma and how to think about birth from a babies’ perspective.



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