S8 Ep 6 What is normal and dangerous about birth around the globe with Laura Latina


Today's podcast is with Laura Latina, who has been a midwife, consultant and trainer for over 15 years and has a huge breadth of international experience. 

After graduating in Midwifery in Italy she completed her first assignment in the African country Burundi. 

Laura continued her work with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) as a supervisor in Malawi and then South Sudan and Kenya.

She has also worked as a community midwife in London and a midwifery team leader.

Laura completed her fourth MSF assignment in Afghanistan as a manager of a maternity hospital where more than 20,000 women (per year) give birth.

She has been an MSF Women's Health Advisor, providing technical expertise and training in countries such as Bangladesh, Nigeria, Chad, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Pakistan and more. 

Laura is currently interning with Compassionate Inquiry, a somatic based psychotherapy developed by Dr Gabor Mate and Sat Dharam kaur. 

She is working as an independent consultant around the world preventing birth trauma and medicalisation and promoting gentle, respectful births. She offers sessions for women and families to reclaim their authentic inner power.

Today we talk about birth in remote and less resourced areas of the world. 

We discuss the importance of community, elders and culturally appropriate woman centered care.

We explore women's wisdom and knowledge and birth as a community event and  celebration.

We discuss the safety of so called high risk births and also what actually contributes to morbidity and mortality in these less resourced areas. 

The importance of access, hygiene, nutrition and medicine to prevent hemorrhage. 

We mention the power of culture and the evidence of effective TBA’s, traditional birth attendants.

I hope you enjoy this very special episode.

Nadine xx



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