S8 Ep5 How to get through birth & breastfeeding hell

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How to get through birth & breastfeeding hell.

Birth Initiation - Doing the inner work with Cristina & Damian

Today's podcast is with Christina and Damian, a wonderful She Births® couple that gave birth on a houseboat in San Francisco.

They both did a huge amount of the psychological and spiritual work in preparation for not only birth but their relationship and parenting. 

They still however had moments in birth and breastfeeding of it feeling like absolute hell. 

Doing the work does not mean we don’t face challenges. But rather that we are prepared to face them and have tools to pass through them with more grace, ease, resources and understanding.

  • We open with Cristina and Damian’s love story. Because who doesn’t love a great COVID love story ;)

  • We talk about the differences and similarities between the Australian and American hospital systems. We discuss iatrogenic harm, morbidity and mortality that occurs within and because of hospital systems. 

  • We discuss childbirth as a spiritual initiation and mention kundalini and awakening. 

  • The importance of feeling safe during birth and listening to your body for that information. Plus, healing from sexual trauma. 

  • Damian shares his personal preparation for parenthood and being a part of the Mankind project.

  • How the soul of his baby reached out to him prior to conception.

  • How fathers can be an amazing support in labour even while feeling fear, uncertainty and the inability to sometimes do anything at all.

  • A powerful use of the incantation ‘Yes’ during labour.

  • Plus, very challenging supply and diagnostic issues while breastfeeding.

We discuss healing from our inherited beliefs, softening and developing more of an embodied presence - plus more, what I call superpowers and gifts from birth.


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