S7, E5 Birthing with Boundaries - Brooke Elliston Birth Story

Brooke Elliston's Birth Story today is inspiring in so many ways. Like so many of you out there Brooke had a looming threat of induction - rates of which have doubled in the last twenty years in Australia. 

I know a lot of women are struggling with whether to have an induction or not. So I have included a huge amount of information and data linked at the end of these Podcast show notes to a blog on the She Births® website to help you make the decision that is right for your family. https://shebirths.com/australian-birth-stories/to-induce-or-not-to-induce/⁠

Brooke is a yoga teacher and we begin by talking about the language of the body and intuition. Then go onto discuss women’s power in birth plus many ideas and concepts I am exploring in depth in my new book. 

In the podcast we talk about:

  • Finding your hell YES and your hell NO

  • Listening to your body and feeling resonance

  • Creating strong boundaries for yourself 

  • Partners protecting the birthing space

  • Your rights to decline an induction

  • Coercion and lack of ethics often experienced in the system

  • Risk and stillborn data being an individual’s choice as we assess risk differently

  • Whether it is even possible for a labouring woman to give true consent

  • How the environment we birth in has an impact on our outcomes and feelings

  • Power dynamics in the birth space and my concept of ‘Power To’ that is desperately needed

At the end we also talk about conscious conception at the quantum level. And how the shakti takes us over during birth. And we go through a little ‘birth harvesting’ as I call it, where we speak to the gifts we receive from our births.

This is one of my favourite types of conversations, where we get to be spiritual but also really really practical, pragmatic and grounded in the body. This is one of the reasons I love birth so much, and yoga too because it really is where the rubber hits the road. 

There are numerous issues unfolding along with the increase of inductions such as increased resuscitation of babies, decreased maternal satisfaction and increased postpartum hemorrhage. A lot of experts are saying we might be reaching the point of doing more harm than good in the birth space right now.

The data and articles below will help you make an informed and empowered decision. Remember that your choice needs to be an embodied decision also. Whatever you choose, remember that birth matters and you have rights. You have intelligence within your body. And you can connect to your higher self and inner feelings to help guide you at any time.

Our work at She Births® is to empower you and help protect you from the conveyer belt of the systems. But you have to take the education and apply it. Make sure that you choose a team that supports you 100%. 

If these topics are of interest to you. If you want to connect more deeply with your intuition or if the idea of harvesting gifts from your birth or preparing in a pragmatic yet spiritual way for labour sounds like you, then make sure you subscribe to be part of my VIP book list. You will gain sneak peek access, discount offers and even help me choose the final title! 

My upcoming book is perfect if you are pregnant, a mum currently or a partner wanting to be useful or understand birth more fully, and of course it is perfect if you are a birth worker. Go here to sign up www.shebirths.com/book


Decoding the Labour Dilemma: To Induce or Not to Induce – Weighing the Options: https://shebirths.com/australian-birth-stories/to-induce-or-not-to-induce/