S9, Ep1 Maiden to Mother Birth Story

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Maiden to Mother Birth Story : The power of slowing down with Tayla & Jaime

Today's podcast is with Tayla and Jaime, a She Births® couple who gave birth on the south coast of NSW about 10 minutes before their midwife arrived.

We share a lot of laughs in this podcast and a lot of insights and truths. They are a really fun and playful couple. I was recently inspired by their rewilding of their relationship recently.

Tayla took pregnancy as a time for really slowing down. Which I believe is one of the most important things we can do, in resistance to our hyper productivity culture but also because it is a step towards being able to listen and receive all the wisdom and gifts from both our instinctual bodies and our intuitive higher self during pregnancy.

As we move into more being and less doing there is more stillness and therefore silence. We can tune in and listen to the way our bodies and all of Nature around us communicates with us continually 

I love how Tayla could feel the subtle moments when her maiden self was arising and dying throughout labour. And I love how much laughter these two bring to their life. Why can’t birth also be fun and playful?

We talk about

  • The shadow and light sides of our maiden selves

  • The victim and drama triangle we can get caught up into

  • Making love to initiate labour

  • Creating a birth altar that connects us with our red thread and the power of mother blessing ceremonies

  • The different type of support we receive from dads and doulas, especially during pushing 

  • My knowledge of the psychic imprint on a child at crowning from the atmosphere in the room

We also discuss the superpowers and gifts from birth such as intuition, intimacy and the awesome strength and competency as a mother all of which I am writing more about in my upcoming book.

As this is our final podcast episode for 2023 I want to thank you all for listening and engaging with my work here at She Births. 

It has been so nourishing to meet mums post partum who said they learnt and were so inspired by the birth stories we share here.

Also, by the openness and vulnerability I share too.

I look forward to a new year ahead and sharing some very new and exciting projects and offerings.