S9 E4: Teaching children intuition will change the world

How intuition expands talent, creativity, confidence & happiness I have been waiting a long time to record this podcast! To say I am excited about the Intuition Process for children is putting it mildly.

I believe this program, with its teachings and the power and integrity of the organisation behind it, has the ability to change the world and, as my guests say, contribute to world peace. The documentary and the Australian research are also going to be amazingly powerful.

So, let me begin by asking you a few questions…

Do you believe in intuition? How often do you access it?

Are your children more intuitive than you?

Do you think it is important for them to harness their intuition?

Today, I have Mala Sundareshan, International Program Director of the Intuition Process, with me. Mala works for the global Art of Living non-profit organisation founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and is currently leading the teacher training and rollout of the Intuition Process worldwide.

I also have a dear friend and documentary filmmaker, Michael Collins. Michael is a four-time Emmy-nominated director and producer and the founder of Thoughtful Robot Productions. His films are highly impactful, have been screened globally over the last two decades, and have even changed laws!

Mala and Michael share their experiences and insights into following and teaching children aged 5 to 18 techniques to harness what seems like magic or superpowers.

The Art of Living says the Intuition Process wakes up our latent intuitive potentials through specific techniques of brain activation and meditation. Allowing children to access, cultivate and maintain their inherent intuitive capacity.

“Intuition is the faculty of knowing or understanding something without the need for conscious reasoning or proof. As a culture, we have learned to follow our rational thinking as we go through our daily lives. We pay little attention to our inner voice, our gut feeling, that instinctual form that goes beyond our reasoning layers.

We were all born with a naturally intuitive ability to perceive beyond our senses. As we grow, our culture and education obstruct us from developing our capacity to access our inner potential, especially when we need them most.”

Today, we talk about:

  1. If intuition is an essential aspect of human experience?
  2. If intuition can be developed and honed over time?
  3. How intuition differs from coincidence
  4. How intuition might change the education system? (Fingers crossed for this one!)
  5. What children are gaining from learning the process of intuition and how that unique expression occurs in each child.
  6. And the research into the mechanisms of intuition by Joel Pearson, world leading neuroscientist based at UNSW, Sydney, Australia.

This will create a revolution in not only Artificial Intelligence but Absolute Intelligence!

I hope you enjoy.

Nadine x

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