S7, Ep1 Astrology for you and your family with Emma Vidgen

Astrology for you and your family with Emma Vidgen: A troubleshooting guide to unlock motherhood, creativity and soul purpose

Welcome to Season 7 of The She Births® Show.

In this episode Emma shares her two beautiful c-section birthing stories and all we love about astrology!

We love the way Emma talks and writes about astrology and birth charts. It is so spiritual and so pragmatic. Plus, Emma relates so much wisdom back to ‘how we mother’ and our moon sign.

In this episode Emma and Nadine take a deep dive into her new book The Astrology of You. Exploring our unique way of thinking and feeling via the stars as well as the critical south and north nodes that reveal our evolutionary soul journey.

Grab it quickly as her book is already being reprinted and translated into Spanish and Swedish.

The Astrology of You: Finding Love, Creativity and Soul Purpose in your Birth Chart is available via booktopia.kh4ffx.net/2rvEP0

You can cast your chart and discover your sun/moon/rising and nodes and learn more about Emma’s offerings at https://theastrologyofyou.com/

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Instagram @emma_vee

TikTok @theastrologyofyou

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