S6 BONUS Ask Us Anything. Nadine Richardson x She Births® Educator and Midwife Danielle Syme

Welcome to our bonus episode where you can Ask Us Anything.

There are so many questions that arise when you become pregnant and approach birth and amongst all that excitement and love, it's totally normal to feel overwhelmed and nervous.

So that's why we created our Ask Us Anything events on Instagram, and share them now in our podcast.

Today you will hear my conversation with She Births® Educator, Danielle Syme.

Danielle is a qualified midwife with over 30 years experience. She works as the team leader of a busy Midwifery Group Practice in Orange, Central West of NSW.

As a mother of three, she is also an IRON MAN and loves swimming, walking her dog and being in nature.

She is extremely passionate about Woman centered care - making sure mums get what they want. And also spontaneous labour.

She loves witnessing the transformation that She Births® couples go through after attending the Weekend Course. She sees firsthand how important quality childbirth education is for an empowering birth experience.

We talk about:

+ The differences she sees when women are educated

+ How to refuse an induction and what it means

+ Preventing tearing and perineal damage

+ Movement and diet during pregnancy

+ The best stories to listen to in the lead up to birth

+ Plus, is the cascade of intervention BS

I hope you enjoy it and we will see you at a She Births® course soon either with Danielle in Orange or any of our other locations, or online.

Nadine xxx

Founder of She Births®

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