S8 Ep2 One of the most RARE twins birth story ever - no epidural, double breech

Welcome to episode two of Corinne and Andy’s story. Today we share the natural births of their twin girls, Ivey and Rocky, frank and complete breech which is an extremely rare story.

I hope you enjoy the way that we talk not only about the mechanics of birth but also traversing the psychological and emotional challenges and the reminder of how important it is at these times to have people around you that are giving power back to you!

Sharing our stories in a deeper way to honour all parts of ourselves allows for embodiment and integration. I call this Birth Harvesting. I am writing more about this and how to prevent birth trauma in my upcoming book. Make sure you follow me and She Births® on socials and subscribe to our podcast to hear more conversations about what really matters to all of us, on the inside.

In this episode we talk about

  • Discovering the wild woman in your base chakra, SHE 

  • How regional hospitals are unable to assist with higher risk births 

  • The challenge of changing location and travelling to a supportive hospital

  • How a supportive system can still leave you in tears after each appointment and how to get back into your zone 

  • How interpreting statistics and making risk assessments is unique to each of us 

  • Avoiding an induction and refusing an epidural

  • Having a dialogue with your cervix

  • How SHE, the wild woman is always there

  • Using affirmations in labour and a birthing stool squatting position for breech babies 

I hope you enjoy. 

Nadine Richardson, She Births® Founder




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Birth images by @birthwithlauren     

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