S7 Ep6 The benefits and beauty of yoga and pilates for Pregnancy and Birth

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In today’s podcast we share an Instagram live conversation between Ali Handley, Founder of Bodylove Pilates / Bodylove Mamas and Nadine Richardson, Founder of She Births®.

Together they talk all about preparing your body for birth from a unique 20+ years of experience teaching pilates and yoga to pregnant and postpartum women. 

In fact Nadine is one of the original creators of a unique and dynamic prenatal yoga beyond the norm in Australia. She is the only Australian yoga teacher included in the award winning yoga documentary, YogaWoman.

Ali and Nadine start by talking about how important it is to take care of ourselves through important life transitions and the very powerful hormonal shift happening from maiden to mother.

They discuss whether it is safe not to exercise during pregnancy because of the enormous benefits for body, mind and childbirth.

They talk about building strength physically as well as emotionally. 

Topics covered include: 

  • Why is it important to do prenatal yoga and pilates
  • The differences and similarities between them
  • Movements they recommend as a starting point
  • How powerful our bodies actually are in pregnancy 
  • How to be safe on the mat
  • The importance of exploring what feels good 
  • How pilates and yoga can allow you to strengthen your intuition for birth 
  • How developing blissfulness allows you to ride the waves of pain with more ease

Both Ali and Nadine have two fantastic free trials on offer so that you can really feel the benefits of both pilates and yoga for yourself. 

Simply go to https://bodylove-mamas.com/ and sign up to a free trial for experience the best pre and postnatal pilates

Use this special code SHEBIRTHSLOVES so you get an amazing 1 month free (on top of the standard 14 day free trial).

And go to shebirths.com/prenatal-yoga to receive our 7 day introduction to the foundations of safe and effective prenatal yoga. All for free. 

Inside our She Births courses both online or face to face you also receive multiple yoga class options to do regularly over in the lead up to birth.