S 7 Ep 4, Intuitive Eating & Earth Cakes With Jana Brunclikova

S 7 Ep 4, Intuitive Eating & Earth Cakes With Jana Brunclikova

How to eat for the seasons, your body and make magic happen in your kitchen

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Today’s guest, Jana B is an author, Naturopath & Plant Based chef. She has over 15 years of naturopathy experience and a Bachelor degree in Health Science.

Jana grew up in Eastern Europe and has a long relationship with herbs and their medicinal qualities which have been an important part of her life from a young age. 

In our conversation Jana shares her passion and experience about healing foods, cycles of nature and the importance of authenticity. Her two self published books, Intuitive Eating and Earth Cakes are a work of art and also make healthy eating easy! Her birthday cakes are extraordinary.

In our chat we discuss what intuitive eating actually is and the practical tips and strategies to become more intuitive with our food, body and nature.

My favourite part is hearing Jana’s stories as a child growing up in a communist country and how this has shaped her offering to us, as a green witch. 

Let's all become green witches I say!

We hope you enjoy. 

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