One of the most RARE twins birth story ever – no epidural, double breech

Can you imagine pushing out your baby? And then pushing out another baby?

How about dealing with fear-driven systems unskilled or unwilling to support your twins’ birth? Let alone two breech babies.

Corrine twins birth story

Well @_corinneanne_ and her partner Andy dealt with all this and more. And they got the birth they wanted.

They even drove 4 hours each way for every appointment and then couch-surfed in the lead-up to their birth so they could be in the care of Professor Andrew Bisits at @TheRoyalwomens in Sydney.

Listen to this fantastic couple share their beautiful natural breech twins’ birth and be thoroughly inspired.

In this episode, we talk about:

– Discovering the wild woman in your base chakra, SHE
– How regional hospitals are unable to assist with higher-risk births
– The challenge of changing location and travelling to a supportive hospital
– How a supportive system can still leave you in tears after each appointment and how to get back into your zone
– How interpreting statistics and making risk assessments is unique to each of us
– Avoiding induction and refusing an epidural
– Having a dialogue with your cervix
– How SHE, the wild woman, is always there
– Using affirmations in labour and a birthing stool squatting position for breech babies

We hope you enjoy

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More about the upcoming book @nadine_shebirths

Birth images by @birthwithlauren

Mum Corinne Histon is here to help any twins mumma’s out there @_corinneanne_

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