A Mother’s Meeting With A Difference – Interview With Shevonne Hunt

Our Founder  @nadine_shebirths  and Shevonne Hunt chat about She Births® Soul Mama Circles – Nadine explains what makes this kind of group of women extra special.

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Mothers’ groups aren’t for everyone. You can be put into a group where your only common experience is having had a baby.

Most of the focus in these groups is on how to nurture your baby.

But imagine if you had a group of women who were coming together with the main objective of understanding and exploring what it means to be a mother?

Nadine Richardson is the founder of She Births, a prenatal program that prepares women for birth. She also has a very special kind of mother’s group called Soul Mama Circles.

So what is a She Births® Soul Mama Circle?

As women become mothers, we experience intense physical, emotional and spiritual changes. The typical mums & bubs playgroups don’t always cut it.

Many walk away feeling unseen and alone in the greatest transformation of their lives.

For this reason, over a decade ago, Nadine Richardson created the Soul Mama Circles, a mother’s group with meaning. These circles are facilitated by our post-natal experts and evolve into magical communities of like-minded families supporting one another for years to come. Our first Soul Mama Circle is still catching up after 12 years.

A Soul Mama Circle with She Births® is a 7-week facilitated program that continues forever.

We hold weekly meetings plus online private community discussions and support. These expert sessions offer guidance, and ideally, the program is started roughly between 6 weeks and 6 months postpartum.

Our first 7 weeks are called the ‘Matrescence Embodiment Program‘.

Each week there is a focus on key areas of motherhood, parenting and development.

There is ample time to process your birth, talk about your baby and share deeply about the things that really matter.

A Soul Mama Circle will continue to be a haven for you to feel seen and supported and know you are rising strong together.

If you feel this is right for you, book in today!

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