Three babies under 2

Corinne’s Birth Story 3 Under 2. Healing through the mind-body connection

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Corinne’s Birth Story 3 Under 2. Healing through the mind body connection. One of the most rare twins birth story ever – no epidural, double breech

Hello, welcome to a very special two part birth story podcast with parents, Corinne and Andy who have three little girls under the age of 2.

In a sense this podcast is three birth stories… all with a lot of change, flux and challenge. Also with a lot of power, agency and triumph.

In today’s episode we talk about the care and support received at a midwifery group practice, Nest on the South Coast of NSW Australia for the birth of their first daughter, Navy. Then in our second episode (live now) we share the story of navigating the birth of twins within the hospital system.

After being told that a c-section was best by two hospitals, then told that an epidural was essential if a vaginal birth was attempted Corinne and Andy managed to have a beautiful natural birth of double breech girls under the care of Prof Andrew Bisits.

In today’s episode we talk about:

  • Birthing in a regional Australian area and long labour drives to hospital
  • Doing your own vaginal exams and knowing when to get in the car
  • How education changes the role of our partner for birth
  • Playing music to our babies during pregnancy
  • How birth can be like getting tickets to a great footy game
  • How birth can be incredibly healing
  • The power of claiming and owning our body-mind connection after a history of anxiety
  • Doing the work, turning inwards and using visualisation
  • Calling in a birthing circle and knowing what they give to you
  • Transition and the natural calling we feel into our new identity
  • The embodied process from maiden to mother

I hope you enjoy.

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