A Feminine Upgrade VS Postnatal Depletion with Dr. Oscar Serrallach

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A Feminine Upgrade VS Postnatal Depletion with Dr. Oscar Serrallach

Dr Oscar Serrallach is a medical specialist dedicated to being in the service of mothers.

He practices functional medicine and is the author of the groundbreaking book The Postnatal Depletion Cure

His book was the first to research the unique biology and hormones of a woman after birth and the toll that pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding place upon her.
Postnatal Depletion can be potentially devastating for our relationships and families if it is not addressed. Oscar has developed a screening and treatment protocol that addresses the requirements of fourth-trimester healing, which can be applied up to a decade after childbirth.
Recovery depends on holistically addressing and attending to a mother’s biology, psychology and life purpose.

Oscar has also just returned from a maternal neuroscience conference in France, The Parental Brain Symposium so we hear some of those research highlights too.

In this episode we chat about:

  • Postnatal depression, how it is different to other forms of depression, as well as the spectrum of it.
  • Your extraordinary hormones and how the placenta is creating over 200 of them.
  • Oscar shares a fantastic board meeting analogy that I know you will just love.
  • How modern life contributes to depletion and how ‘the tired mother’ has become a meme people laugh about on social media.
  • We also discuss the partner or support person’s brain and their in utero connection.
    And so much more!

Episode Resources:

Buy the Postnatal Depletion Cure published by GOOP: available at all good bookstores

Join his retreats at: www.themothercareproject.com

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