Preparing for Birth – ASK US ANYTHING💕

Our Founder and Doula @nadine_shebirths & Midwife and Educator Sarah Beale  cover all your birth preparation and postnatal planning questions 💕

About our fantastic Educator Sarah Beale.

Sarah is a Registered Midwife, Doula, Yogi and Mother of three. Sarah is now excited to continue her journey in joining She Births.

During her years as a Registered Midwife, Sarah has worked across the spectrum in busy birthing units and Midwifery Group practice. She is now supporting pregnant women in custody.

Her passion for empowering women and families through education has brought her to She Births through a friendship with founder Nadine Richardson.

Sarah’s passion for our right of passage into motherhood and deep nourishment has driven her work deeper and embraced the work of Dr Oscar Serralach.

Sarah believes in education. We can be prepared for this transformation through matrescence, with practical, helpful & insightful information for couples and families.

Sarah feels it is an absolute privilege to do this work which resonates with her values providing deep fulfilment. Drawing on her own birth experiences and the many women she has supported, Sarah is excited to share She Births with you. She is working together with anticipation for the next chapter of your lives!

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