Preparing for Birth with She Births® – ASK US ANYTHING💕

Our Founder and Doula @nadine_shebirths & training midwife and Educator Danielle Syme cover all your birth preparation and postnatal planning questions 💕

As a mother-to-be, so many questions arise… in amongst the excitement, you may also be feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

In this Ask Us Anything, we discuss how best to go against hospital policies, avoid the cascade of intervention, and how to sleep, exercise, and sit while pregnant.

Why we recommend minimising wheat, gluten and sugar at She Births.

Joining ​me is Danielle Syme – a​s Midwife for over 30 years. She has seen the incredible difference a She Births® education makes to families. This is why she teaches the program​ in Orange!

Danielle is also the new midwife manager of Midwifery Group Practice at Orange Health Service.

We hope you enjoy listening in xxx

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