Mum Life with Ruby Challenger

Written on 04/26/2023
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In our podcast today, we discuss media and the common birth/parenting culture with Ruby Challenger.

Plus, look at what it’s really like studying or working as a mum in one of the most intense and male-led industries, film.

Ruby Challenger and her two children

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In my soon-to-be-published book, I am writing about how screens and stories create subconscious wiring and belief systems about birth and motherhood.

Through exposure, we are all continually absorbing a culture, a set of beliefs. Culture eats birth plans for breakfast!

In other words, if you don’t take charge of what culture and the narrative is doing inside your brain and body, you will not get the birth you want.

@_allruby_ Ruby Challenger is also on fire about this. It was a spark ignited at her She Births® course many years ago and is now blazing through her filmmaker work.

Ruby’s short film, MumLife, screened in official competition in the 2022 La Cinef section at Cannes Film Festival.

Five weeks earlier, she had given birth to her second baby, so she packed up her family of four and took them to the festival! MumLife is a 15-minute musical about postnatal anxiety and is now enjoying a festival run.

Ruby completed her Masters at the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS). She wrote her thesis on motherhood and the cinema, looking at mothers in front and behind the screen, which is being released on Instagram to further the discussion about mothers in film.

Ruby has been on film sets since she was born – legend has it her first trip after the hospital was a film set to visit her dad.

Alongside her award-winning musical film, MumLife, her advocacy work for families will fill you with passion and purpose – to make all the places we go more inclusive and family-friendly.

As Ruby says: It’s important that we change these narratives. Most of the women that you see on film and TV or any media who are mothers, are not going to be a protagonist.


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